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Sturgis Vendor Space - Home - 76th Annual Sturgis Rally

Renting vendor spaces in Sturgis for the Rally and Races or for the Mustang Rally and other events.

If you are going to go to Sturgis FIRST CLA$$, you should be at 970 and 974 Main Street Sturgis, SD. USA If you are going to go to Sturgis FIRST CLA$$ You need to be in the center of the action on Main Street.
We have a 16 foot aisle that y's adding another 10 foot aisle and both allow customer flow from Sturgis Harley Davidson and Preschool Choppers to Main Street and back. We have crafts people, national corporations, food vendors, motorcycle related clothes, hard parts, custom parts and gear, a service department, rally clothing and art. Join us.

Vendor Space in Sturgis during the Rally and Races
Main Street Sturgis during rally
970 - 974 MainStreet Sturgis, SD
Main Street Sturgis during rally 2
970-974 Main Street Sturgis, SD

Sturgis Vendor Space Aerial View
Aerial photo of Sturgis during the Rally
Aerial shot of Sturgis during the Rally

The images above are what the vendor space looks like during a typical day during bike week in Sturgis. The first picture shows the first aisle of the lot which has the only Harley-Davidson sign on Main Street and provides a direct corridor from Main Street to the Sturgis Harley-Davidson Dealer store.

Now do you really want to be out on Lazelle, or worse, out of town in a bar parking lot?

Or do you want to be where the action and money is? The typical rally goer can't see everything, but every one of them hits main street for the displays, souvenirs and supplies. Where and how are you going to be seen during the 2013 Sturgis Rally? We can accommodate vendor space from 20x20 to 60x150, we have two 70x30 tents available for certain vendors. Storage, parking and vendor lodging is located within 300' of the vendor space. See below for contact info.

For information or to reserve your vendor space where the action is on Main Street
email: Arlie Becker at
or call 425-239-5675 Cell or 360-668-9117 Fax
Noon to 6pm, west coast time.

Official 2016 Sturgis Vendor Information | 76th Annual Sturgis Rally | August 8th - 14th, 2016

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